We are a small but selective Shipbroking company. Selective in what we do and selective in our team.

Our clients are Shipowners, Shipoperators, Charterers and Shipbrokers on the national and international front who demand quality service from the most skilled Brokers. Our team is the key to our performance.

Our clients expect constant presence and hands-on advice. We work across time zones, so work may start early and may end late, depending on the work in progress. We cherish our work and are prepared to go the extra mile to accommodate our clients needs.

As Brokers we are close to each other and know and respect each others strong and less strong sides.

What we offer :

National and International. Direct contact with clients.

The Shipping and Shipbroking has its workplace all over the world. A shipbroker will only become a skilled Broker through extensive and versatile experience. We do not believe in training that involves nothing but paperwork. You will be engaged with our clients from day one.

Our service to the Clients in Shipping is broad and can be difficult to specify, but when we mean 'service' we mean that we are ready, day and night to provide assistance to our clients, when and how they want such service.

What we expect from our employees:

In order to work with us you must find shipbroking exciting and be willing to devote yourself to the profession and our clients.

For qualification to a job with Krisale Russia or Denmark office, we are not only focusing on your school and past areas of work within shipping, but of course it is one important factor that you have knowledge within the maritime industry. Among others we expect you to be an open person, with a variety of personal skills, be interested in our profession, be interested in our team and firm. That you will work with a high degree of independence, be loyal and devoted to work long hours and across various time zones, will be able to work closely and take guidance of colleagues.

We are not currently recruiting, but unsolicited applications for positions within our company (either St. Petersburg, Russia office or Nakskov, Denmark office) are always welcome. Please forward your application with relevant exhibits by email to :